Best typical food and drinks of Chihuahua, Mexico

In UachateC we are proudly Chihuahuenses, our largest audience is the students of the UACH and the Tecnológico and thinking about this we decided to show them some of the best food and typical drinks of Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico, so that our students around the world know what dishes to cook and remember their land of good, noble and loyal people.

Make yourself comfortable and get ready to take a trip through the richest typical dishes of Chihuahua.

This is a list of traditional Chihuahua foods and drinks.

Typical dishes of Chihuahua

Roast meat

Best typical food and drinks of Chihuahua
Carne Asada: one of the delicious typical foods of Chihuahua to spend a good weekend

This is one of the typical dishes of Chihuahua since our region is characterized by having a high quality meat and there is no better way to verify that than with its delicious roasted meat that we gather every weekend to share with our friends. , accompanied by a good refreshing drink and a couple of tail onions.

It is always good to add a good pico de gallo sauce, the inevitable guacamole and, in addition to the aforementioned onions, some good potatoes with a lot of butter.

The final detail that cannot be absent are the now traditional quesadillas.


Best typical food and drinks of Chihuahua
Montados: One of the most emblematic typical foods of Chihuahua

This typical dish consists of a flour tortilla (The bigger the better) and add or mount a layer of beans, a slice of asadero, if possible from Villa Ahumada, then perfect, and a stew on the latter.

The traditional thing is to make it with roast meat, however it can be done with any stew, after that it only remains to heat it, add sauce or vegetables and … profit.

A classic of classics in Chihuahuan gastronomy, it goes without saying that we recommend it almost as much as sotol or a good roast beef.


Best typical food and drinks of Chihuahua
Burritos: One of the great classics among the typical foods of Chihuahua

There is no more stereotypical food around the country than Chihuahuan burritos and that is because they are very good … the dish is known worldwide but it is not mentioned that it is a typical food of the big state and that it regularly contains Chihuahuan beef. in addition to the traditional and unmissable beans.

It is famous as the favorite food of Chihuahuas and is almost always prepared with homemade flour tortillas. There is no doubt that anywhere in the world they are an excellent option and that they are recognized as one of the most prominent members of the typical food of Chihuahua.

Eggs with mash

Best typical food and drinks of Chihuahua
Machaca: Among the typical foods of Chihuahua, the Machaca is the breakfast par excellence

Legend has it that the machaca was born when some miners from the northern part of the country (Chihuahua), tired of eating only meat, asked for variety and the cook in the spotlight did what she could with what she had on hand, stirring chiles , onion, tomato and eggs and the rest, as they say, is history.

Dried meat arises from the need to dry the meat with the intention of giving it a longer life span by lengthening its conservation.

This dish is one of the most traditional breakfasts in the state and is recognized throughout the world.

Caldo de Oso

Caldo de oso: A traditional broth born in the dams of Chihuahua

A broth that was born while working in the Camargo dam thanks to some workers who ate the same fish broth every day and that over the years passed from its original name “odious broth” with which they named it at the beginning for having to consume it so regularly to bear broth.

That is why many may think that it is made with bear meat, however it is cooked with pieces of catfish fish, as well as hot chili and tomatoes. It is also occasionally accompanied by vegetables.


La discada: dish that cannot be missed in a northern gathering

Thanks to the cattle tradition of the state, beef is the direct cause that this typical Chihuahua dish is so important at parties and gatherings. The album is a classic container from the north and brings back memories of great moments with friends.

Like so many others on this list, it is said that it was the workers who had to improvise the way of cooking with what they had on hand and from there the album that is essential to make this delight was born.

The discada has chorizo, bacon and ham in addition to the inevitable beef, it also includes peppers, onions and jalapeño peppers that are minced and added to the disc over low heat.

Dried meat with green chili

The way to make this dish is as follows:

Half a kilo of dried meat, 10 poblano peppers, roasted, peeled and sliced, 10 roasted red tomatoes, peeled and blended with two cloves of garlic and a quarter of a medium onion in addition to oil.

The meat is fried with enough oil, over moderate heat until it appears with foam on top, it is passed to a large sieve to remove all the fat and it is left waiting. Then put the chili slices in the blender and at medium speed give them a pass, just chop them into small pieces.
The tomato puree is cooked in about three tablespoons of oil and the fried meat and chili pieces are added there. Let it simmer to season and taste for salt. No salt is added to this caldillo until everything is seasoned together, since the dried meat always has enough salt.

Tortillas de Harina

Tortillas de harina: The best way to accompany the typical foods of Chihuahua

In the state the tortilla de harina is one of the great favorites, in Chihuahua it is combined with everything, according to the person, hence the fascination that exists in the region for burritos.

Flour, butter, salt and hot water are practically all that is needed to make you feel at home again wherever you are.

Empanadas de Santa Rita

Comidas típicas de Chihuahua
Empanada Santa Rita: One of the best typical foods of Chihuahua

This typical dessert of the big state, is undoubtedly one of the most famous due to its excellent and sweet flavor, it is a pie cooked with sugar, salt, milk, egg and of course it contains wheat flour and washing together with lard. and tequesquite. It also contains stuffed with pork typical of the place.

All this fried and overflowing with sugar is a delicious snack for those who visit the state and, of course, for its inhabitants.

Pay de Nuez

Pay de Nuez: Chihuahuan tradition

One of the traditional desserts of the state of Chihuahua is the nut pie, and it can be found in restaurants in the area.

The ingredients it contains are: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, rum and pecans, as well as honey and corn syrup.

It is very common at Christmas and New Years parties and in Chihuahua it is customary to serve with whipped cream.

This is a list of traditional Chihuahua foods and drinks.

Typical drinks of Chihuahua


mejores comidas y bebidas típicas de Chihuahua
Best typical food and drinks of Chihuahua

We know that our students not only like to eat but also from time to time they have a flirty glass or two and what better way to enjoy a toast than with this drink from the big state.

This is an alcoholic drink that ranges between 35 and 55 degrees of alcohol, depending on the producer.

It is distilled from the head of the Dasylirion plant, of the Asparagaceae family, which grows in the desert of northern Mexico.

Most people think of tequila or mezcal when talking about alcoholic beverages from Mexico, however sotol is well positioned in the world market and is exported to dozens of countries.


mejores comidas y bebidas típicas de Chihuahua
Best typical food and drinks of Chihuahua

Tesgüino is a famous alcoholic beverage from the big state that is nothing more than ground and fermented corn kernels.

For the regional indigenous community (the Tarahumara) the tesgüino is a drink that cannot be missed at their parties or even at their political meetings.

For some northern peoples it is part of daily life and daily diet due to the importance of corn in the gastronomy of the region, especially for the indigenous people of Mexico.


mejores comidas y bebidas típicas de Chihuahua
Best typical food and drinks of Chihuahua

This fermented drink is native to central Mexico and contains a very low level of alcohol (less than 1%).

However, among the states where its production is most deeply rooted are those in the north, with Chihuahua standing out among those that traditionally consume it the most.

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