10 short and very good books to read in a short time

Sometimes we have so little time for all the tasks we do in our day to day that considering reading a book is a utopia, but here are some great books that you are sure to enjoy spending 10 minutes before bed or when there is a gap. And the best thing, they are going to enjoy them a lot!

1. The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories -Oscar Wilde:

Short and very good books

A clever mix of social satire and elaborate farce, The Canterville Ghost (originally published in 1887) is one of the most delightful and elegant pieces of the great Oscar Wilde. A sophisticated American family, the Otis, buy the old English castle from the Cantervilles. The old owner then tells them that the mansion has been inhabited since time immemorial by the wrathful ghost of Lord Simon Canterville, who killed his wife and whose body later mysteriously disappeared. Far from being intimidated, the tenants buy the castle with a ghost included, and end up subjecting the poor anachronistic specter, who ends up being a toy and a victim of the two terrible children of the family. Perhaps Wilde’s best known and most celebrated novel is The Canterville Ghost, which has passed on its own merits to the list of unforgettable and fundamental works of world literature.

2. Aura -Carlos Fuentes:

In this short novel, the Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes masterfully embodies myth and history, search and disagreement, life and death. The historian Hugo Montero reads a classified ad that will lead him to live the story of the dead; and unknowingly, to relive his own.

3. Pedro Páramo – Juan Rulfo:

Pedro Páramo is one of the masterpieces of Spanish American literature. The novel tells how the protagonist, Juan Preciado, goes in search of his father, Pedro Páramo, to the Mexican town of Comala, an empty, mysterious, lifeless place. There, the young man will discover that all the townspeople are called Páramo, that many of them are his own brothers, and that Pedro Páramo is dead. We are, therefore, before a mysterious and fantastic novel whose atmosphere envelops the reader and transports them to a magical territory of surprising ramifications.

4. The Terrifying Tales – Edgar Allan Poe

Short and very good books

The extraordinary narratives of the most universal writer of American letters constitute a paradigm of originality and mastery in the development of the story in the nineteenth century. In the selection presented in this edition, Poe explores madness, death, pain, cruelty, the murderous instinct, physical and moral disintegration, loneliness, isolation and the duplicity of human nature. In a display of mastery of the creation of atmospheres, the writer outlines the psychology of characters anguished by nightmares, fantasies and fears that, without a doubt, prelude the contradictions of contemporary human beings.

5. Springtime in a Broken Mirror: A Novel -Mario Benedetti:

Deep and painful testimony of the enormous shock that political events caused in personal relationships. The Uruguay of the dictatorship and that of exile are combined in the optimistic image of spring as a promising future.

6. Letters to a Young Novelist – Mario Vargas Llosa:

Mario Vargas Llosa directs to all those who have the illusion of becoming writers some magnificent reflections in epistolary form about the art of storytelling. How to begin to crystallize that vocation in literary works, where to start that adventure, where do the stories told by novels come from, how do a novelist come up with themes … these are some of the questions that the Nobel Prize for Literature asks answer in this book, which thus becomes a magisterial lesson in the writing profession.

7. Eva Luna – Isabel Allende:

In Eva Luna, her third novel, Isabel Allende recovers her country through memory and imagination. The captivating protagonist of this story is a nostalgic alter ego of the author, who she calls herself a “thief of stories” precisely because the stories lie the secret of life and the world. A novel with a deep human profile, Eva Luna blends individual destiny with the collective through brilliant prose of an epic nature. Without a doubt, one of the best works of Latin American literature in recent years.

8. Different Seasons: Four Novellas – Stephen King:

At the age of twenty he was put in prison, and now he is in charge of getting the other inmates everything they ask for, whatever it is. And in 1949 Andy Dufresne, former vice president of a bank and now sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife and her lover, asks Rita Hayworth … A boy recognizes a Nazi acquaintance in a neighbor of his and uses the information to, with refined perversity, abuse the old man. With Hope, Eternal Spring and Summer of Corruption, the stories that open the cycle about the four seasons, Stephen King accesses the deepest – and most disturbing – levels of the human mind.

9. Fictions -Jorge Luis Borges:

Two books by Jorge Luis Borges dated 1941 and 1944 are brought together in FICTIONS. “The Garden of Forking Paths” includes eight stories, including two short stories of exceptional quality: “Pierre Menard, author of Don Quixote” and “The Library of Babel.” “Artifices” are made up of nine stories, among them “Death and the Compass” (story of a tortuous revenge), “Funes el memorioso” (a long metaphor for insomnia) and “El Sur” (“perhaps my best story” in words of the author).

10. The old man and the sea -Ernest Hemingway:

Short and very good books

Written on behalf of Life magazine, and later made into a movie with a magnificent Spencer Tracy, who played this old unlucky fisherman, who, as the last letter of destiny, is played to life and death on the high seas. The man faced with his limit, the essential tragedy of the work and life of this great writer.

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Short and very good books
Short and very good books

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